Wrench Collection
Reinhard F. Klatt

This collection of wrenches was informally started during several decades of farming south of the Saskatchewan hamlet of Esk.  When Reinhard and Mina retired and moved to Saskatoon in the early 1970s, the availability of garage sales and antique shops yielded the opportunity to actively pursue building the collection.  The final tally exceeded 2000 unique tools, although the mounted display consisted of between 1700-1800 items.

The panels of wrenches were exhibited at the Saskatchewan Western Development Museum's Saskatoon branch in the early and mid-1980s, each summer during Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition week.

The last exhibit presented by Reinhard Klatt occurred during July, 1988.  He passed away 13 September 1988.  The mounted collection was sold to a cousin, Ernest Klatt of Lanigan, Saskatchewan, who has a similar collection of his own.  To this date, Ernest has maintained the collection intact, and has taken advantage of several opportunities to exhibit the collection.


Photos by David Klatt, at 1414 Coy Avenue, Saskatoon, September 1986.

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Updated 8 August 2002